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Ocean Freight

Shipment will be loaded and sealed by your sole supplier or the manufacturer. The container will not be opened until it reaches the destination, and is suitable for large volume shipments. The company is responsible for contacting the forwarder, negotiating and making reservations, providing the container, designing the route, loading and tracing the shipment, customs clearance, and cooperation with international agencies to deliver the shipment to the consignee. The main clients are importers and exporters.

Is a shipment which is not large enough to fill a standard cargo container. When a shipper does not have enough goods to accommodate one full container, the company will consolidate the goods from the shippers in the same container (consolidation planning). The goods will be loaded at a Container Freight station.

We can provide the right mode(s) of transport to fit exactly to your given requirement. Geographical restrictions are our challenge, we offer full multi-modal logistics answer to achieve the least possible transit time, under the given budget. To and from anywhere in the world. We can arrange land-sea-air transport combination to fit all necessary circumstances.

Professional customs clearance section of Profreight group is ready to be at you assistance in getting your cargo through the Thailand’s procedures in export and import. Profreight Express, the Group's customs broker, has obtained the Licensed Customs Broker status from the Royal Thai Customs, since August 2001. Customers can be assured of the very high standard and reliability of our service level. We are fully EDI linked with customs office.

So all the formality steps for your cargo will be ensured to be in the fastest available system, as well as avoiding any unnecessary delay that could arise in the old system. We also committed in providing very fast follow up on relevant documents with customs, such as blue corner document, BIS 19,etc. To ensure all benefits will reach our clients in least possible time.